Parker Arts Center in Parker Colorado

One of the best things about living in the area is the Parker Arts Center in Parker! For a relatively small town, Parker has a top tier arts center for the benefit of all the locals! The arts center hosts a variety of events every year, their 3rd annual “Stage Dinner” is right around the corner where a limited crowd is invited to have a themed dinner on stage! This year is New Orleans themed, so the food will be Cajun style and the theatre will be set to recreate a fun night in this singularly unique American city!

Not far behind the Stage Night Dinner is an event called “Throwing Shade.” This promises to be an exciting event as former White House photographer Pete Souza will present his dramatic visual presentation of one-of-a-kind photographs telling the story of two different presidents, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. This will be an insider look into the difference between the two presidents followed by an audience question and answer period at the end.

For the more cerebral members of the Parker, CO, the arts center engages in other heady activities like our upcoming adult lecture series, “Understanding Your DNA – The Past, Present and Future of Human Genetic Research.” This will be an exciting foray into the complex field of genetics and the advances that our society is standing on the edge of discovering. Predicting life-threatening diseases, choosing your next child’s eye color and even a discussion on the gene editing field of CRISPR and the possibilities of new genetically engineered treatments for some of societies worst diseases.

Then there are the concerts! The PACE center is hosting Melissa Etheridge this November for a live event that promises to not only be a great concert but in an intimate setting where the patrons will get to be up close and personal with Melissa! We’ve hosted rock and roll, country, contemporary and pop superstars right here in Parker!

We’ve got an upcoming Grease sing-a-long event that will bring you back to the 50s with song, dance and concessions. There is a Prince tribute band right behind that, Christmas shows, an evening with Illusionist Rick Thomas and even a Warren Miller epic snow documentary that showcases the joys of winter sports like nobody else can!

At the end of the day, the PACE center offers world class entertainment right here in the heart of our own cozy town. Parker is the only small city I know with big city lights and events offered in such an intimate setting for those of us who live here or even if you’re just visiting Parker. As a Parker Chiropractor and calling this town my home where I get to live and serve the community, I feel fortunate to have such a special venue available with a never-ending supply of quality entertainment. If you are planning a trip to Parker, CO anytime soon, but sure to check out the PACE center website for the upcoming events… I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you!