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Chiropractor Parker CO Scott Godsey


Dr. Godsey is a magna cum laude graduate of Cleveland University in Kansas City and board certified chiropractor by the state of Colorado. He holds a bachelor of science in Human Biology and a doctorate in Chiropractic with an emphasis on neuroanatomy. He is thorough, listens carefully to your health concerns and very gentle in his adjusting style.

Born in Houston, TX, I made my way to Colorado at the tender age of five, and I've since embraced it as my true home.

Following my graduation from Colorado Springs Christian High School, I embarked on a journey of service with the Navy. There, I committed six years of my life as a ballistic fire control technician aboard nuclear submarines. During this time, I spent over two and a half years beneath the surface of the sea-a unique life experience, indeed!

During my naval service, my family, blessed with a delightful sense of humor, relocated from Colorado to Arkansas. Therefore, after receiving an honorable discharge from the military, I found myself relocating to NW Arkansas to be close to my loved ones. Over the subsequent decade, I made my home in several Arkansas towns, from Bentonville and Fayetteville to Farmington, Siloam Springs, and Bella Vista.

In Arkansas, I operated a Snap-On Tools franchise, where due to hefty lifting and poor posture, I suffered a herniated disc in my lower back. The resulting pain was almost unbearable, limiting my ability to walk, sit, stand, or work effectively. I attempted various remedies, from pain pills and muscle relaxers to epidural steroid injections, but nothing brought lasting relief. My doctor suggested back surgery, but something inside me resisted this idea.

A friend recommended I visit his chiropractor, a suggestion I initially dismissed with skepticism. However, he convinced me that chiropractors specialized in disc injuries and encouraged me to give it a try. To this day, I am grateful for his persistence.

I visited his chiropractor, who explained how the body possesses self-healing capabilities and outlined a plan to alleviate my condition. Inspired by this holistic approach, I committed to the process, even though healing my disc injury was challenging and time-consuming. The journey was worth it. Without resorting to drugs or surgery, the chiropractor restored my health, significantly changing my perspective on healthcare. I was so deeply moved by this transformative experience that I decided to devote my life to this healing profession. So, I returned to school and earned my doctorate in chiropractic.

Today, as a chiropractor, I provide care for patients suffering from a range of conditions: disc injuries, headaches, lower back pain, migraines, neck pain, reduced range of motion, numbness, tingling, radiating pain, and many more. It is a profound joy to witness the healing power of chiropractic care in their lives, mirroring my own recovery.

Colorado's charm was never lost on me. The breathtaking mountains, the invigorating snow, and the warm-hearted people were still vivid in my memory. Therefore, when it was time to establish my practice, I was naturally drawn back to my beloved Colorado.

As I sought the perfect place to set up my practice, I fell in love with the vibrant town of Parker. Its progressive nature, health-conscious population, top-rated schools, thriving economy, robust local government, excellent recreational facilities, and above all, its friendly and supportive community, made it an ideal choice. I chose Parker not just for its merits, but because of the amazing people who call Parker their home. Today, I am proud to be their chiropractor, humbly serving their needs while fulfilling my life's calling.

Chiropractor Parker CO Dr. McNab Meet The Team


Dr. McNab is a magna cum laude graduate of Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, and a board-certified Chiropractor by the State of Colorado. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and a doctorate in Chiropractic with an emphasis in Sports Medicine, he is dedicated to helping you get back to the activities you love! Engaging, thoughtful, and motivated, Dr. McNab is committed to your well-being.

Born in a small corner of the Pacific Northwest, Dr. McNab hails from a family that settled there during the Homestead Act of 1862. The family-owned cattle ranch has been a part of his heritage for six generations. Spending his formative years bucking hay bales and raising 4H animals for the county fair, he developed quick thinking and a genuine understanding of back pain after a hard day's work.

Accepting a track and field scholarship at the University of Idaho, he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition. Following a year of surfing in Australia, he culminated his academic journey with a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree in the "City of Roses" (Portland, Oregon).

Post-graduation, Dr. McNab worked in Seattle, Washington, collaborating with various sports organizations, including the NFL, Ironman World Championships, X-Games, Dew Action Sports Tour, and the Crossfit Games. In 2008, he made Colorado his home with his wife, Anna, and together they have two beautiful children who accompany them on all Colorado weekend adventures, rain or shine.

Before entering private practice, Dr. McNab chaired the Alternative Therapies Department for over a decade in private corporate wellness programs and prestigious medical clinics in Colorado. These clinics were nationally recognized for their excellence in team-based health care delivery, providing comprehensive and continuous care for patients.

Today, Dr. McNab is excited to bring his expertise to the vibrant community of Parker, Colorado. Thank you for welcoming him!
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Chiropractic Parker CO McKenna Sechrest

front desk/chiropractic assistant

McKenna Sechrest C.A.

Raised in Parker, Colorado, in a military family, I absorbed values of discipline and resilience. After high school, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, to study special education and ASD. Discovering my passion for addressing challenges faced by those with special needs, I later returned to Colorado, transitioning into the medical field for a broader impact.

Beyond work, I find solace in the Rocky Mountains' beauty, enjoying skiing and nature hikes. My heart belongs to my rescue kitty Carti, and I cherish moments with family and friends, who form my support system. My journey, from a military upbringing to education and career changes, finds fulfillment in service, love for the outdoors, and strong connections with loved ones.

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