What To Expect in Parker?

Chiropractic Parker CO What To Expect

Below is what you can expect when you schedule an appointment for your chiropractic care in Parker at Naturally Chiropractic.

First Visit in Parker

Aubrey, our office manager, has a real talent for making people feel welcome, and that in turn will help you get the most out of your chiropractic care. She will greet you when you come to the office and then will ask you for some basic information. (We will automatically e-mail the paperwork to you upon booking your appointment.) Next, Aubrey will bring you back to the doctor's office where you will meet Dr. Scott Godsey who will do a consultation, exam, and possibly x-rays to find out the cause of your problem. Dr. Godsey will give you an adjustment on the first day to get you some immediate relief. On the second visit, the doctor will go over your X-rays with you and clearly explain what the problem is, what needs to be done about it, and how long it might take. On average the first visit takes about 20 minutes.

Second Visit

After checking in for this visit, you can lie on our inter-segmental traction tables. Most people love these beds and are upset when the time is over! The table is equipped with rollers, and as they move up and down your back, they will passively relax your muscles and add movement to your spine. All of this will make your adjustment go more smoothly

Next is the most important part of the whole process. Dr. Godsey will go over his findings with you, including the condition of your spine, what is causing your problem, how chiropractic care can help you, and how long he thinks it will take you to feel relief. Of course, included in this discussion will be specifics about your exam findings, your x-ray results, how long Dr. Godsey believes it will take, and also how much it will cost. You will then receive another adjustment and some needleless acupuncture. This second visit will take about 15 minutes.

This 2 visit process allows for several things:

  • Reduces the length of time of your first visit.
  • Gives Dr. Godsey time to study your exam findings and X-rays.
  • Avoids overloading you with too much information.

A Typical Office Visit

After checking in, you can once again spend a few minutes on an inter-segmental traction table to help you relax before the adjustment. Dr. Godsey will then adjust you and perform needleless acupuncture again. Our goal is not only to provide you with quality chiropractic care but also to respect your time. The average visit from this point on takes about 5-10 minutes. We know you are busy and the last thing you want to do is spend the day at our office. Your time is just as valuable as our time!

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