What to Expect from Our Parker Chiropractor Location

Chiropractic Parker CO What To Expect

Below is what you can expect when you schedule an appointment for your chiropractic care in Parker at Naturally Chiropractic.

Chiropractor Parker CO - First Visit

Upon your first visit to Naturally Chiropractic, our office staff is committed to making you feel both welcome and comfortable. Unlike many medical practices where patients may feel overlooked, we ensure you are greeted warmly and given attentive care from the moment you walk through our doors. As a technologically advanced and environmentally conscious practice, we send intake forms electronically when you book your appointment. Yet, if for any reason you couldn't complete these forms ahead of time, we have tablets available in our office for you to complete them upon arrival. Please arrive an additional 10 minutes early for this process.

Once your intake forms have been reviewed, our highly trained1 chiropractor will invite you for a comprehensive consultation. The chiropractor is primarily aimed at understanding the specifics of your unique situation. We believe in the importance of truly listening to our patients, and not dictating their care, as we recognize that everyone's needs vary significantly. This initial visit is a crucial "fact-finding" mission where our chiropractor will focus on gathering detailed information about your health. We are genuinely dedicated to your wellbeing, and we strive to provide the best possible, evidence-based chiropractic care for your condition or refer you to the appropriate professional in the event a chiropractor isn't what you need.

Following a thorough examination, which may include x-rays if needed, our chiropractor will administer an initial relief adjustment. This step often results in the immediate alleviation of some discomfort, allowing you to feel better after your first visit. As your visit concludes, our chiropractor will provide you with specific home instructions designed to expedite your recovery.

Chiropractor Parker CO - Second Visit

Welcome back to our practice! We're so pleased to see you for your second visit with our team, and we're ready to ensure your experience is as comfortable and informative as possible. We are passionate about providing excellent customer service and optimizing your wellness journey with us.

Upon arrival, one of our assistants will help you settle into our state-of-the-art inter-segmental traction tables (sometimes called a "roller table"). Our patients often tell us how much they enjoy this part of the visit - it's a little moment of 'me-time' before your adjustment. The table's rollers will glide gently up and down your back, helping to relax your muscles and stimulate movement in your spine. This passive action sets the stage for a smoother adjustment with your chiropractor.

Next, you will have a valuable one-on-one discussion with your personal chiropractor. This conversation is central to your chiropractic care with us. Your chiropractor will share his insights on the state of your spine, the root causes of your discomfort, and most importantly, the ways in which chiropractic care can bring relief. Rest assured, we're committed to clarity and transparency about your health: Your chiropractor will personally walk you through your exam findings and x-ray results, providing a clear timeline for your treatment and a breakdown of associated costs.

Following this insightful discussion, you'll receive your next adjustment along with some needleless acupuncture. We've designed this second visit to be efficient, taking approximately 15 minutes of your time.

Our two-visit process embodies our customer service obsession, as it:

  • Minimizes the duration of your initial visit, respecting your valuable time.
  • Allows your personal chiropractor sufficient time to thoroughly review your exam findings and X-rays.
  • Avoids overwhelming you with too much information at once, ensuring you understand your health status and treatment plan clearly.

Remember, we're here for you every step of the way, ready to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have. Our aim is to make your journey to better health a positive, empowering experience.

Chiropractor Parker CO - Routine Visit

Upon arrival, your session will start with a soothing experience on our inter-segmental traction table. This helps to prepare your body and mind, promoting relaxation before your adjustment. Many of our patients tell us this is a favorite part of their visit!

Next, your dedicated chiropractor will provide you with a careful, comfortable, adjustment, complemented by a session of needleless acupuncture. This holistic approach is designed to address your health concerns while promoting overall wellbeing.

One of our core values is respect for your time. We know life is busy, and we are dedicated to providing efficient, yet comprehensive care. So, from this point forward, your regular visits will typically take only 5-10 minutes. We believe in delivering effective care that integrates smoothly into your life, without the need for you to spend your valuable day at our office.

Remember, we are here for you, always aiming to exceed your expectations with our patient "service-obsessed" approach. Patient service isn't just a concept for us, it's our way of practice. Feel free to reach out to us anytime. Looking forward to your next visit! Call our Parker, CO office today (303) 841-7091 or schedule your next appointment through our online portal.

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