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"I’ve had daily headaches for as long as I can remember. After a few visits with Dr. Godsey my headaches have disappeared completely!"

- Denise C.

"After being rear-ended, I developed neck pain that shot down my arm and made my fingers numb, I was even having trouble holding things! After explaining what was happening to me, Dr. Godsey clearly outlined what I needed to do to get better and in a short time he had me right back to normal."

- Kelly G.

"I hurt my low back lifting my child and the pain got to be so bad I thought I wasn’t going to be able to take care of my child without help! I didn’t want surgery and I’d heard that Dr. Godsey might be able to help. Today my pain is gone and I’m back to being a full time mother. Thank you!"

- Amber P.

"I was plagued with headaches almost every day of the week and I hate taking medications. After my first adjustment, my headaches were nearly gone and within a few weeks, I am pleased to discover that they don’t bother me anymore! Thank you Dr. Godsey!"

- Sam G.

"My child suffered from colic to the degree that it was harming our marriage. Now my baby is happier than she has ever been and sleeping peacefully. This has been the best experience ever for our family."

- Kristen S.

"I tried EVERYTHING (short of surgery) to relieve my low back pain. Dr. Godsey explained to me what was causing my problem in plain english and it made perfect sense. After the first few visits I was feeling much better and today I’m virtually pain free."

- Kelli R.

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