Parker Days in Parker Colorado

Parker Days in Parker Colorado is our town's personal version of a county fair. Everybody in Parker makes it for at least one day each year and the festival draws about a quarter of a million visitors to Parker every summer. There are many different festivities, from unique foods to face painting. There are always classic foods like pretzels, cotton-candy, and caramel apples as well as more uncommon things like deep fried Oreos and They even bring in bands from around the country to play in a courtyard they set up right off Mainstreet, in the heart of Parker.

The city sets up carnival rides for adults and teens on one end of the festival with faster and more exhilarating rides as well as escape rooms and haunted houses that most people enjoy. At the other side of the festival there are Rides and activities for children and teens alike. It is a different setup than the adult side with more games like ring toss and darts. They have slushies and funnel cake as well as mirror mazes and other smaller rides like a boat that will rock back and forth or the teacup ride. Smaller scale activities that keep children entertained while also keeping them from getting too scared. The rides and games at the carnival sides of the festival all run using tickets. You can use the tickets for food at certain vendors and you can even win tickets from playing certain games that can in turn be used to go on a ride or get a drink if you find a vendor that accepts them.

With over two hundred and seventy different vendors, Parker Days is quite a good place to get your name out there as a business, they support stands and areas that a business can take over and talk about what they do and why someone might be interested. As a chiropractor in Parker we go every year to get to know others in our community. Of course, with festivals like this there will always be booths selling jewelry and posters, some booths carry hand woven clothing and others may have paintings. I have seen wind chimes and lava lamps at Parker Days, I’ve even seen show cars throughout the years. I know one auto body shop that brought an Aston Martin to Parker Days a couple of years back, now that’s a business promoter right there.

The Parker Area Chamber of Commerce has held Parker Days every year for the last forty-two years. This last year there were over 250,000 people attending. It even has its own Parade that travels down the street so everybody can see. Overall, Parker Days is a very fun and unique experience, every year it is a little different but we’re never disappointed. The festival won many awards over the years even going so far as to win the “Best Festival of 2016” award from the A-LIST and getting second place the following year. Was it mentioned that Parker Days is completely free? Tickets cost money of course but general admissions doesn’t cost a dime! All I have left to say would be “We hope to see you there.”