The Parker Farmers Market in Parker Colorado

Your Parker Chiropractor recommends the Parker Farmers Market as a fantastic place to find goods from all around Colorado. The market is held on Sundays from Mother’s Day to the end of October from 8:00am-1pm and is located in old downtown Parker, at the corner of Mainstreet and Parker Rd.

There are tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, from home grown peaches to honey they have it all. The honey is a big one, the farmers are competitive always coming out with something smoother or tastier, this same thing happens with Jam. There are many different types of jam, from the common strawberry and raspberry, to different flavors like rhubarb or dragon-fruit. Some people will go and sell their own gourmet cheese at a cheaper price than one might find in the store. Sometimes they even have fresh mozzarella and parmesan. If you want fresh bread made that morning go to the Parker Farmers Market.

Walking down Mainstreet, you get the most incredible smell that wafts towards you, a smooth mixture of bread, cheese, and meat that soothe the senses. It’s a great place to find fresh herbs and spices for whatever dish you may be seeking to make at the moment. They have everything from Chinese and Thai spices to German sausage. Some people make and sell their own brand of barbeque sauce, even holding competitions for the spiciest sauce between companies. Others do the same with different salsas, some liking chipotle salsa others liking cilantro in their salsa. They have dog treats for your special friend and even wine tasting if you’re old enough to enjoy it. There are always cooked foods there as well, you could get quesadillas or burgers or whatever one’s heart desires. They carry a variety of different pastas that you may not even be able to find in a store like King Soopers, like Black rice pasta noodles for example. You can’t get black rice noodles in Parker, you may be able to find them in a special market in Denver but why go there when you can just get them at the farmers market by your house.

The different companies and people usually have stands that they sell from, many will give out samples to try and persuade somebody to buy their product, but you don’t have to. People sometimes carry cosmetic items such as bars of soap with special smells or makeup and lotion. Nobody is hawking the passersby to buy anything at the farmers market, it’s all up to you what you go there for. Maybe you just like markets and being around friendly people comforts you. Whatever your reason, it’s a great place to meet new people and build your Parker community. It’s a great place to bring children as well, there is a playground right off of Mainstreet. If you’re into love music, sometimes the market has soloists who will come out and play guitar or sing and that’s always a very nice atmosphere to be a part of. We hope to see you there this coming season.