The Parker Garage in Parker Colorado

Without question the Parker Garage is the best five-star restaurant in Parker, CO. The Parker Garage was founded in 2014 by Brent Walker and Meghan Gold and they know the secrets to fine cuisine!

Meghan has a background in marketing, and she’s done a phenomenal job of getting the word out to Parker, CO about the “Garage” and their wonderful world chef driven culinary experience. In the 5 short years that the Garage has been open it has become known as the cornerstone of fine dining in the town of Parker.

As a Chiropractor in Parker I love to visit the Garage for special occasions. Their executive chef Duy Pham never fails to create a gastronomic experience that will leave you longing to return every time you visit. Duy holds to the age old saying of “progress not perfection” so every time the meals are a little different (and always better) than your previous visit. They have an open-air seating patio that is surrounded by the sights and sounds of old town Parker. People walking the brick paved sidewalks, dancing near an open fire pit next door, enjoying a glass of fine wine or eating dinner with family and friends. The Garage also has great lunch specials! Nowhere else in Parker can you grab a quick bite to eat for lunch that tastes so good in an atmosphere so warm and inviting.

Brent Walker is a truly genuine, salt of the earth kind of guy. Not only has he laser focused his years of experience in fine dining to create an unmatched culinary delight – Brent also take the time to introduce himself to the guests and get to know each one personally; it comes natural to someone who wants to see the Garage through the eyes of the guests and learn how to improve the experience every time they visit.

I’ve personally had their gluten free chopped romaine salad for lunch, and it is to die for! The salad has heirloom cherry tomatoes, carrots, red onion, avocado, fennel, radish, parmesan cheese and lightly covered in garlic parmesan dressing. Oh, and they are happy to make any substitutes or additions you may want… I added dried cranberries! Their selection of gluten free menu items is very broad so you won’t feel like there’s only one or two things you can eat. They have an excellent selection of local micro brewed draft beers that is sure to appeal to any true beer connoisseur. The grilled portabella sandwich is a work of art! It comes with a house made brioche, goat cheese, pine nuts, arugula, habanero pickled cucumber, tomato jam and a side of mixed greens!

Oh, and during the summer, the Garage is always one of the stops on the Parker Wine Walks (which is another event that shouldn’t be missed). They will have a generous selection of their best wines available for tasting and you’ll probably get to meet Meghan and Brent since they personally man the wine tasting table! While you’re there, order the Charcuterie Board appetizer and let Chef Duy dazzle you with his selections!